Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best of the Decade - Albums

Coming up with favorite albums of the decade turned out to be far easier than songs. Choosing between one song and another often seemed arbitrary, but albums aren't as fleeting, and the following all left quite an impression on me. I was going to go with 25, but apparently I can only upload 20 pictures per post, so 20 entries it will be.

Without further ado, my 20 favorite albums of the last te
n years.

20. Saturdays = Youth


19. Santogold

18. Electric Versio
The New Pornographers

17. The Fame Monster
Lady Gaga

16. Ágaetis Byrju
Sigor Rós

15. The Execution of All Things
Rilo Kiley

14. Speakerboxx/The Love Below


13. Let's Get Out of This Country
Camera Obscura

12. Beirut

The Flyi
ng Club Cup

11. Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weeke

10. Home

Dixie Chicks

9. The Reminder

8. Kala


7. Oracular Spectacular

6. Extraordi
nary Machine
Fiona Apple

5. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Neko Case

4. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

The Flaming Lips

3. Challengers
The New Pornographers

2. Funeral

Arcade Fire

1. Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
PJ Harvey


  1. Bah, I don't know how I feel about staggering those pictures, but I am being far too lazy right now to make it look better.

  2. What's funny is I'm working on my Top 50 films right now and realizing that I'm far more qualified to do a Top 50 Albums of the Decade as I could probably easily make a Top 20 of 2009.

    I haven't worked on it, but off the top of my head for this decade...

    1. Control by Pedro the Lion
    2. Blackout by The Good Life
    3. Suicide Medicine by Rocky Votolato
    4. The Ugly Organ by Cursive
    5. Funeral by The Arcade Fire
    6. Wild Like Children by Tilly and the Wall
    7. Half the World is Watching Me by Mew
    8. Lifted by Bright Eyes
    9. Brother, Sister by MeWithoutYou
    10.Glistening Pleasure by Natalie Portman's Shaved Head

  3. We have one in common! I suppose though that just about everyone has that one in common.

    Your list may inspire a lot of listening in my near future. I'm no where near as well versed in music as in movies.

  4. Well, I drive around in a car all day. Therefore, I listen to at least 4 albums a day.

    I've been listening to that Rilo Kiley album and the New Pornographers album (Electric Version) for so long that they don't even seem recent to me. I'm rediscovering Beirut but I still don't know which album is which. Flaming Lips, Feist, and Vampire Weekend I like, but not as much as other stuff. Natalie Portman's Shaved Head is basically a silly MGMT.

  5. Spearkerboxx/The Love Below over Stankonia?? Blasphemy :-)