Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prediction Wrap-Up

To quote Jeff Bridges, "That didn't pan out."

Actually though, my predictions weren't that off. Black Swan under-performed, but so did Inception which I was counting on. And I'm glad John Hawkes beat the odds and got in because he's fucking fantastic in Winter's Bone. Jacki Weaver? Michelle Williams? The Illusionist? Yeah, they definitely got some things right.

I went 5/5 with Actor and Director. 9/10 in Best Picture. 3/5 in Supporting Actor, 4/5 in Actress (except my other nominee ended up in supporting, which I will rant about shortly) and 4/5 in Supporting Actress. I think I was 3/5 in both screenplay categories, regarding which I'm trilled for Mike Leigh, rolling my eyes at The Fighter, and a little sad over Black Swan.

But how about Hailee Steinfeld, huh? Clearly the Academy saw True Grit, because they showered it in nods, most of them deserved. But honestly, she's in every single scene of the damn movie. She supports no one. Jeff Bridges fucking supports here (splendidly, I might add). This may just be the worst case of category fraud in the Academy's history, far more egregious than Casey Affleck in supporting for Assassination of Jesse James... And by being placed in supporting, Steinfeld probably booted one of the Black Swan ladies from their spot while simultaneously saving either Kidman or Williams' hide.

1. Dogtooth: cool, weird
2. I Am Love in costumes: called it!
3. The Illusionist really deserved that nomination
4. Sol Star is an Oscar nominee
5. IMDB must be losing their shit since their golden god failed to get nominated
6. There's always one bad apple. This year it's totally The Fighter

I may crunch some numbers and figure out how I did over all, but right now I'm going back to bed.

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